Research & Development at VARTA focuses on new materials and technologies for products and systems, as well as production engineering and quality assurance processes.

VARTA AG is a partner in national and international research projects

In-house chemical laboratories, prototype construction and safety laboratories support the international VARTA development team in its daily work. The process development team implements newly developed products and technologies in highly automated large-scale production. The electronics and software of the battery packs are also developed in-house in order to react as quickly as possible to changing market requirements.

At the headquarters in Ellwangen (Germany), in the Innovation Tower, VARTA's central research and development department, more than 200 employees work on new products and the optimisation of existing energy solutions. The pillars of VARTA's success are that the innovative developments are manufactured with the help of the company's own machine and tool construction - this always ensures VARTA's competitive advantages.

Research Focuses

Further development of existing technologies

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion cells
  • Zinc-air cells
  • Silver oxide cells
  • Lithium-mass cells
  • NiMH cells

Technologies of the future

  • Post-lithium systems
  • Printed batteries
  • Rechargeable zinc-air cells

Materials Research


Research into new materials for various electrochemical systems with the aim of improving fast-charging capability and optimising energy density.

Areas of research

Production & Quality

Guaranteed Quality and Reliability

Quality Responsibility
The VARTA AG board of directors and all employees are jointly responsible for quality and continuous improvement.

Product Safety
The safety of products in production, transport, use and disposal is of paramount importance.

Quality is Planned
VARTA AG aligns processes to the highest quality, flexibility and efficiency to ensure customer satisfaction.

Quality is Created
Quality is created and ensured through appropriate process control in each individual production step.

Customer Service
Even after delivery, customers are supported by customer service.

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