New standard, now even faster – VARTA Ultra Fast Wireless Charger

Whether smartphone or Bluetooth headphones, increasingly many products support wireless charging. The focus here is on convenience, quality and, above all, speed. With the new Ultra Fast Wireless Charger, VARTA presents a powerful Qi charger that combines all these advantages. The Ultra Fast Wireless Charger will be available in stores starting in September.

Charging via cable was yesterday. Increasingly many technical products can now be conveniently charged wirelessly. The advantages are obvious: no plugging in and no tangled cables. VARTA’s new Ultra Fast Wireless Charger is not only impressive thanks to its timeless design, but above all because of its powerful fast charging function with up to 15 watts. The integrated dual coil technology allows flexible charging positions for maximum convenience. The charger also features three additional speeds (10 watts, 7.5 watts and 5 watts) that depend on the device to be charged and which speed it supports. The Ultra Fast Wireless Charger itself connects using a modern Power Delivery (PD)-compatible USB-C charging cable.

A surrounding LED light unobtrusively signals when the smartphone or Bluetooth headphones are charging. For people who charge their smartphone on the nightstand overnight and prefer not have an LED light glowing beside their bed, the function can also be easily switched off and the charging continues without an illuminated display. Users can decide whether they want to charge their device with it positioned horizontally, vertically or lying down. The variable stand of the Ultra Fast Wireless Charger makes this possible, so videos can be watched, or messages written comfortably while charging.




Thanks to its compact size (6.95 cm x 13.75 cm x 1.55 cm) and its low weight (149 grams), the Ultra Fast Wireless Charger is also ideal for travel or frequent flyers. VARTA’s time-tested quality and a three-year warranty make this device a reliable companion for everyone who values attractive design and high quality. The Ultra Fast Wireless Charger will be available starting in September for €22.99 (RRP).

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