VARTA pulse

VARTA pulse

Small and efficient. Our smallest energy storage system on the market: The starter model for anyone seeking independence!

VARTA pulse

Small and efficient – our winner in terms of efficiency among AC storage systems, this model has the best values on the market!1 As it can be hung on the wall to save space, it is ideal for any home. Available with a storage capacity of either 3.3 kWh or 6.5 kWh.

Good reasons for VARTA pulse

AC all-in-one system

As an AC all-in-one system with an integrated battery inverter, the VARTA pulse is perfectly suitable for retrofitting as well as for new installations.

AC efficiency winner

As efficiency winner among the AC energy storage systems the VARTA pulse received top ratings on the market in the categories of battery efficiency and standby consumption!1

Our smallest system on the market

The VARTA pulse offers the highest energy density in the smallest possible spaces. This means that the wall-mounted storage system, available in two performance capacities, is also ideal for smaller homes.

Expansion of storage capacity

When required, you can expand the storage capacity afterwards by connecting up to five VARTA energy storage systems with VARTA Link.

Communication with PV inverters

With the VARTA pulse and the Solar Log 50 in the VARTA Storage Edition it is possible to communicate with different PV inverters.

PV yield optimisation

In the VARTA Online portal, you can carry out manual settings of the PV yield optimisation in order to prevent yield losses through PV curtailment.

1 Energy Storage System Inspection 2021 HTW Berlin. VARTA pulse 6 in reference case 1

Technical data

General data    
Electrochemistry NMC  
Mains connection 230 V AC, 1-phase, 50 Hz  
System warranty 10 years (permanent internet connection), 5 years (without internet connection)2  
Warranty on batteries 10 years, 4,000 cycles 3  
Control, monitoring PC, tablet, smartphone  
System AC all-in-one system including battery inverter  
Installation Wall mounting  
System data PULSE 3 PULSE 6
Nominal battery capacity 3.3 kWh 6.5 kWh
Max AC power (charge / discharge) 1.6 / 1.4 kW 2.5 / 2.3 kW
Dimensions (w x h x d) in mm 600 x 690 x 186 600 x 690 x 186
Weight 45 kg 65 kg

According to terms of manufacturer‘s warranties (Downloads)
2 Residual capacity: 80 %

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The VARTA energy storage systems at a glance

The VARTA energy storage systems as AC all-in-one systems with integrated battery inverter and are perfectly suitable for retrofitting as well as for new installations.