Our partnership with FC Bayern Munich

Our partnership with FC Bayern Munich

Maximum performance, pure passion.

Two strong, energetic brands are joining forces: VARTA AG, the globally successful battery company, is now the official partner of German record-breaking soccer champion FC Bayern Munich. The traditional German companies with roots in southern Germany are known for their outstanding performance for decades.
The motto of the partnership is “maximum performance, pure passion” – because both companies have high standards and passion for what they do.

Social Interests & Society

Sustainable, social, ecological and economic actions have always been inseparably linked to the company culture that VARTA has practiced and cultivated for more than 130 years. In this way have we been able to become what we are today: an innovation leader in important growth markets of lithium-ion technology, market leader in hearing aid batteries, and market leader in primary batteries for retail consumers, with approximately 1.5 billion alkaline batteries manufactured each year.

As a technology leader and supplier of innovative high-quality products, we are keenly aware of our responsibility for people and the environment. With our commitment to Germany as a production location and with our plants in Ellwangen, Dischingen and Nördlingen, we focus on environmentally friendly and resource-saving production, the quality and safety of our products, on motivating and supporting our employees, and on our social commitment – united under the umbrella of “VARTA Helps.”

Deutscher Gehörlosen-Sportverband (German Deaf Sport Association)

For many years VARTA Microbattery supports the Deutscher Gehörlosen-Sportverband (german deaf sport association).

With our help hearing impaired and deaf people are promoted. We support the participation in competitions, e. g. Deaflympics and European championships in different sportive disciplines and would like to help many athletes on their way to medals.
Our opinion: hearing impaired and deaf people should not be left behind.

Photo: Deutscher Gehörlosen-Sportverband (DGS)
Photographer: Peter Schöler

Hear the World

The best hearing aid device does not work without functioning batteries, but they have to be replaced regularly. Hearing aid batteries are unaffordable to many people in low-income countries and are often hardly available on site. Since 2010 VARTA Microbattery has been supporting the Hear the World Foundation with power one hearing aid batteries. Our aim is to fill every hearing aid device with life and energy to enable people to hear every day.

Thanks to this partnership the Hear the World Foundation is enabled to provide hearing aid batteries free of charge for every donated hearing aid device.

Photo: Hear the World Foundation

SK Rapid Vienna

For several years the VARTA AG has been sponsoring young footballers. In addition to the international SK Rapid youth competition VARTA AG organizes a football youth competition every year. We want to give young people the basis to achieve their best.

Photo: SK Rapid Vienna

Rapid Wien

fiftyFifty Taxi

Since 2003 the fiftyFifty-taxi drives young people at night home in the Ostalbkreis area. Since then tens of thousands of youths have returned home safely. The campaign for traffic safety is very important to us.

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