VARTA launches new high-performance Power Banks

Faster charging times, higher capacity and a first-class price-performance ratio: starting in October, VARTA will begin deliveries of new Power Bank series that keep smartphones, tablets and earphones / Bluetooth headphones ready for use even on long journeys. These two new series can supply up to 20,000 mAh and are intended for use in professional and private settings.

Power Bank Fast Energy

With its Quick Charge 3.0 function, the new Power Bank Fast Energy series is primarily designed for frequent flyers, frequent travelers and people with a special affinity for technology who appreciate short charging times. Several end devices can be simultaneously supplied with power via two USB A QC ports and one USB Type C PD port on the side. The USB Type C PD port offers a 20 percent faster charging speed than standard ports*: it can charge end devices up to 80 percent within just one hour**. The Power Banks themselves are charged via the supplied USB Type C cable or a micro-USB charging cable. White LEDs indicate the current charge status of the Power Bank; blue LEDs show the Quick Charge status.

Equipped with Advanced Safety Technology from VARTA Consumer Batteries, this new Power Bank series provides the highest level of safety – from temperature control, through protection against deep discharge and overcharge, to safeguards against overcurrent, overvoltage and short circuits. The Power Bank Fast Energy series is UN38.3 compliant so it can be carried safely in hand luggage. The devices will be available in the following versions starting in October:

Power Bank Fast Energy 10,000 mAh     24.99 Euros (RRP)
Power Bank Fast Energy 15,000 mAh     29.99 Euros (RRP)
Power Bank Fast Energy 20,000 mAh     34.99 Euros (RRP)

Power Bank Energy

The new Power Bank Energy series from VARTA Consumer Batteries is intended for private users and is available in four versions from 5,000 mAh to 20,000 mAh.

The Power Banks in the Power Bank Energy series are equipped with two USB A ports and one USB Type C port for smart and efficient charging. The Power Banks themselves can be supplied with energy via the micro-USB cable, which is included in the scope of delivery. Here too, white LEDs indicate the current charge status.

Advanced Safety Technology from VARTA Consumer Batteries is also used in the Power Bank Energy series. Thanks to tested compliance with the UN38.3 standard, these Power Banks too can be safely carried in hand luggage. The Power Bank Energy series will be available in the following four versions starting in September:

Power Bank Energy 5,000 mAh       9.99 Euros (RRP)
Power Bank Energy 10,000 mAh    14.99 Euros (RRP)
Power Bank Energy 15,000 mAh    19.99 Euros (RRP)
Power Bank Energy 20,000 mAh    24.99 Euros (RRP)

*Based on Samsung Galaxy S9 charged via USB Type C PD versus USB Type C 5V / USB A 5V. Performance may vary depending on the device.
**Based on Samsung Galaxy S9 charged with USB Type C PD (from 0 to 80% charge level). Performance may vary depending on the device.

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