Powerful, versatile and cordless: VARTA’s new Wireless Power Bank.

Along with smartphones, tablets and smartwatches, power banks too are constant companions in modern everyday life. With 10 watts of Fast Wireless Charging power or up to 18 watts of output power via cable, VARTA’s new Wireless Power Bank solves the problem of mobile energy more with greater versatility than ever. The Wireless Power Bank is now available in stores for a price of 29.99 euros.

The fear of missing out on something on social media defines the “always on” generation and has even spawned a new acronym: FOMO or “fear of missing out). Preventing this requires a reliable and powerful companion that offers all the conveniences of a modern power bank. VARTA’s new Wireless Power Bank has what it takes to conquer a permanent place in the world’s backpacks, handbags and suitcases.

A powerful mix

VARTA’s Wireless Power Bank ensures that mobile users can take advantage of every familiar method for charging their smart devices. The 10,000-mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery offers two options: wired and wireless charging. Users who opt for charging via cable can choose either a USB Type C port with Power Delivery (PD) or two Quick Charge (QC) 3.0 USB A ports. Each port delivers up to 18 watts of output power, ensuring quick charging on the go. Users who prefer the convenience of wireless charging needn’t sacrifice charging speed because the Wireless Power Bank supplies 10 watts of output power to charge smartphones quickly and reliably even without a cable connection.

LEDs provide information about the current status of the power bank and the charging process. Four white LEDs clearly show the power bank’s battery status, while blue LEDs indicate Quick Charging and Wireless Charging.

Safety in a modern guise

VARTA’s Wireless Power Bank is equipped with Advanced Safety Technology. This technology protects the device, for example, against overvoltage, deep discharge and short circuits, and is also compliant with UN 38.3, which guarantees the safe transport of hazardous goods by land, sea and air. The quality standard that has characterized VARTA’s products for many decades is also reflected in the appearance and workmanship of the new Wireless Power Bank. An elegant two-tone design distinguishes the body of the Wireless Power Bank: a white frame surrounds the stylish gray back, while the front with the wireless charging area is kept predominantly white. The same shade of gray from the back is used only to accent the design of the front, where it highlights the VARTA lettering and the iconic circle for the QI charging coils. Whether in a business meeting or in the café around the corner, VARTA’s Wireless Power Bank is an ideal companion.

With the new Wireless Power Bank, VARTA launches an energy supplier with high output power, fast charging function and comprehensive safety standards. An absolute must-have for travelers, urban nomads and social-media professionals, VARTA’s Wireless Power Bank is now available in stores for 29.99 euros (RRP).


Additional information about the VARTA Consumer Batteries company and its products can be found here:  www.varta-consumer.com / Facebook.

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