Now even more cordless power: VARTA’s new Wireless Power Banks

In times of flexible working and “always on” smartphones, power banks have become more or less standard equipment in modern daily life. With VARTA’s new 15,000 and 20,000 mAh Wireless Power Banks, as well as the 10,000 mAh Wireless Power Bank that debuted last year, VARTA offers the ideal portable charging solution for every situation and takes into account the increasing energy requirements in everyday mobile life.

VARTA’s Wireless Power Banks raise the concept of flexibility to a totally new level. This high-performance power bank can simultaneously charge up to four devices, one of them wirelessly (if it is compatible with the standard) via the built-in Qi charging coil. Three other devices can be connected to the Wireless Power Bank via cable: two of them via USB A and a third at the USB Type C port. Thanks to PD, Quick Charge technology and intelligent communication between the Power Bank and the connected device, the devices are not only charged quickly, but also in an especially gentle way. With the expansion of its range of Wireless Power Banks, VARTA has boosted the performance of the Power Delivery charging function via the USB Type C port of all Power Banks to as much as 20 watts – to charge devices even faster while continuing to protect their batteries. Additionally, Pass-Through Charging is now included on all models. This enables the Wireless Power Bank to be used even while it is charging itself. Four white LED indicators show the current charging status of the Power Bank, and two blue LEDs indicate whether Quick Charge or Wireless Charging is active.

A real eyecatcher for sure

Modern, sleekly simple styling makes each of VARTA’s Wireless Power Banks a real eye-catcher. Designed mostly in white, each Power Bank is elegantly accented on its front by a gray Qi charging circle and VARTA’s logo in gray. These power banks are also very compact for the capacity offered so they fit into any pocket or backpack. This makes them ideal companions for business meetings or for using in the café around the corner.


Wireless Power Bank 10000              Wireless Power Bank 15000                Wireless Power Bank 20000

With the three capacities of the Wireless Power Bank that are now available, VARTA has created the perfect basis for getting more out of everyday mobile life. Up to 5.5 smartphone charging cycles* with the Wireless Power Bank 20000 equip even the most demanding urban nomad for any adventure. If a phone call with your best friend lasts until the wee hours of the morning, if you need to write an important email on your tablet or if an exhausted battery would mean “game over,” VARTA’s Wireless Power Banks give you the security of never having to miss an important moment. 

The Wireless Power Banks are not only impressive thanks to their stylish design and strong performance in proven VARTA quality. These reliable energy suppliers are also equipped with Advanced Safety Technology, which protects them against overvoltage, deep discharge, short circuits and other mishaps.

VARTA’s revised Wireless Power Bank 10000, as well as VARTA’s new Wireless Power Bank 15000 and Wireless Power Bank 20000, are now available in stores for € 32.99 (MSRP), € 39.99 (MSRP) and € 44.99 (MSRP), respectively.

*The number of hours is based on the battery specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S9. The performance of different power banks may vary.

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