Elegance meets performance: VARTA’s new Aluminium Lights Pro series

Many things are essential in a well-run household. Alongside classic items like little kitchen gadgets, a trusty flashlight is an underestimated hero. Although a flashlight is typically inconspicuous and overlooked, it can be a very practical helper in diverse household situations. Its helpfulness depends on key factors such as strong light performance, long battery life and outstanding reliability. The powerful LED flashlights in VARTA’s updated Aluminium Lights series come in various sizes and are styled in a timelessly modern design. The three new products – the Aluminium Light F10, F20 and F30 Pro – will be available in stores starting in September.

Sometimes details in daily life need to be viewed in a better light, no matter whether they’re in the basement, under the sink, in the garage or in a car’s trunk. That’s why it’s useful to always have a reliable and powerful flashlight close at hand that can be used flexibly and as needed to shed light on any situation without compromising on design.

A shock-resistant lens and a sturdy aluminium housing that can withstand a plunge from a height of up to one meter make the Aluminium Lights Pro flashlights the right companions for every situation. All three models are equipped at the rear end with a mechanical switch, which can be used to choose among three different light modes: two different brightness levels and a stroboscope mode.

In addition to the different light intensities, a smart sliding mechanism lets the user choose between a spotlight mode for targeted illumination of smaller areas and a floodlight mode to illuminate a wide field of view. Situationally optimal illumination is always just a simple slide away.

Timelessly modern styling in black brushed aluminium with a silver bezel for the light head assures that the Aluminium Lights Pro flashlights integrate themselves inconspicuously into any interior, where they remain unobtrusive but ever-available daily companions. A textured surface gives these flashlights a pleasant tactile quality, underscores their elegantly minimalistic design and assures that the three flashlights fit optimally and securely in their user’s hand.

The light weight of these flashlights is another bonus. The F10 Pro is a featherweight at 31 grams, the F20 Pro tips the scales at just 86 grams and the F30 Pro weighs only 96 grams, so these powerful lightweights never feel uncomfortably heavy, even during prolonged use. If they aren’t needed for a short time, a built-in pocket clip makes it easy attach them to a trouser pocket, for example.

Although the different models are powered by just two or three batteries (two AAA batteries for the F10, two AA batteries for the F20 and 3 AAA batteries for the F30), they nonetheless boast long lifespans (up to 25 hours for the F10, up to 35 hours for the F20 and up to 50 hours for the F30) and enormous lighting ranges (up to 45 meters for the F10, up to 70 meters for the F20, up to 150 meters for the F30). All three models include the necessary batteries in the scope of delivery.

The three new models of the Aluminium Light series in proven VARTA quality are available immediately. The manufacturer’s recommended retail prices are €12.99 for the Aluminium Light F10 Pro, €15.99 for the Aluminium Light F20 Pro and €18.99 for the Aluminium Light F30 Pro.

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