Always ready for peak performance with power and style: VARTA’s Wireless Chargers and High Speed Charger

Whether it’s a smartphone, smartwatch, tablet or laptop, anyone who uses several devices simultaneously also needs to be able to charge them faster and more often. For many people, the demands on the type of power supply depend on the situation. At home, the charger should perfectly integrate itself into the interior décor; on the road, handiness and speed are essential. VARTA offers the ideal solution for both needs and both locations with the Wireless Chargers and the High Speed Charger. The High Speed Charger is a compact, high-performance, all-in-one solution that can easily handle smartphones and laptops thanks to its fast charging speed. And it’s optimally equipped to cope with all eventualities of modern (working) life thanks to state-of-the-art GaN technology. The new Wireless Chargers, which VARTA offers as a Pro model to charge one device and as a Multi model for two devices, are elegant eye-catchers in every household. VARTA’s Wireless Chargers and High Speed Charger are available in stores now.

Plenty of power, always and everywhere

With the new High Speed Charger, VARTA offers an adapter that solves several familiar problems associated with everyday situations. Anyone who uses multiple devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets or other gadgets in their home office or especially on the road knows how difficult it can be to find power outlets. With the High Speed Charger, one outlet is all you need to charge up to three devices safely, quickly and simultaneously. The laptop’s bulky and often heavy cable can be left at home, and various power plugs for smartphones and tablets can stay at home too. The High Speed Charger cuts a good figure everywhere thanks to its sleekly simple, modern design, which includes VARTA’s logo unobtrusively stamped in a high-gloss finish into the charger’s compact white body. Despite its compact size, the High Speed Charger has plenty of power: Used separately, each USB Type C PD port puts out 65 watts; if both USB Type C ports are used at the same time, the 65 watts are split in a ratio of 45 watts and 20 watts, which is ideal for laptops or other devices with a high charging demand. The USB A QC port, on the other hand, is perfect for smartphones and tablets.

VARTA achieves the conveniently compact dimensions of only 108.2 mm in width, 36.2 mm in height and a weight of only 136 grams through the use gallium nitride, an innovative semiconductor material. 

Powerful and conspicuously inconspicuous
A modern charging solution must meet different demands when it’s used in one’s own four walls, where the charger’s design is at least as important as its performance. The motto here is: “Power or beauty? Yes, both!”  Thanks to their simple design, VARTA’s new Wireless Charger Pro and Wireless Charger Multi fit harmoniously into any room – whether in the bedroom, the living room or on the desk in the home office. An intentionally unobtrusive yet stylish language is spoken by the black textile on the top, VARTA’s discreetly engraved logo on the charging surface, a high-quality aluminum housing and an unobtrusive LED on the edge to indicate the status of the charging process. Thanks to their practical silicone feet, these new chargers can also be placed securely atop smooth surfaces. The Wireless Charger Pro charges one device; the Wireless Charger Multi supplies two devices (such as smartphones and wireless headphones) with fresh energy. Despite all the understatement in their styling, both Wireless Charger models – which each draw their power from the included USB C cable – ably deliver all necessary power to the battery of the device they’re charging: 15 watts for the Wireless Charger Pro and up to 20 watts per charging side for the Wireless Charger Multi. An especially practical feature: The gadgets that are being charged can continue to be used normally during the charging process, so nothing interrupts surfing, listening to music or watching videos on a smartphone.

VARTA’s new High Speed Charger and Wireless Chargers are now available in stores in proven VARTA quality and with a three-year warranty. The High Speed Charger costs €39.99 (RRP), the Wireless Charger Pro sells for €24.99 (RRP) and the Wireless Charger Multi costs €32.99 (RRP).

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