Versatile and smart lighting with VARTA’s new Outdoor Ambiance Lanterns

There’s no need to spend balmy evenings at a campsite or in your backyard in complete darkness – because a lantern is not only a practical light source, but also a stylishly designed accessory. VARTA’s new Outdoor Ambiance Lanterns offer practical functions and brighten cozy evenings atmospherically and stylishly. The new Outdoor Ambiance Lantern L10 and L20 models will be available in stores starting in October 2022. The new Outdoor Ambiance L30RH will follow in February 2023.

Whether your campsite is down by the seashore or up in the mountains, sitting together in the evening is the perfect way to let a wonderful vacation day pass in review. The right ambient lighting also conjures a cozy mood in your own backyard or on your balcony after a long summer day. The combination of practical, dimmable lighting and stylish design makes VARTA’s new Outdoor Ambiance Lanterns ideal for camping or home use.

A few examples: With a low height of 15.3 cm and a weight of only 280 grams, the Outdoor Ambiance L10 is the perfect companion for a backpacking trip in Southeast Asia. If you’re planning to go to a festival over the weekend, the Outdoor Ambiance L20 with its powerful light output of up to 400 lumens optimally creates the right nighttime lighting atmosphere in and around your tent. And the Outdoor Ambiance L30RH with its hybrid power supply ensures ideal lighting conditions during a weekslong camper tour along the Spanish coast. The three models in gray (L10), blue (L20) and black (L30RH) are attractive design elements on a tabletop or picnic blanket thanks to IPX4-certified waterproofing, shock-resistant design, iconic VARTA beam on the front and silver VARTA logo. Built-in hooks on the top and bottom make it child’s play to hang these lanterns wherever desired. And if the situation calls for clear, bright light, the covers can be easily removed from all three lanterns.

The Outdoor Ambiance L30RH is the star of the series. With its twin energy sources, this hybrid provides reliably good illumination at your campsite or in your backyard. In addition to operation with replaceable batteries (six AA batteries), the L30RH can also be powered by its built-in rechargeable battery: This lantern can also be used as a power bank, for example, to charge your cellphone whenever desired. The light of the L30RH can be dimmed to suit every situation: Full brightness is perfect to illuminate a card game at a picnic table, while dimmed lighting is ideal for relaxing in the evening after a busy day. For a quick trip to the washrooms at a campsite, the nightlight function with red lighting is optimal to avoid stumbling. To assure that you aren’t suddenly left in the dark, a colored LED glows to indicate low battery status. This early warning gives you plenty of time to recharge your lantern or change its batteries. Thanks to its 2-in-1 function, the L30RH is a practical all-rounder.

The Outdoor Ambiance L10 and Outdoor Ambiance L20 similarly provide the right lighting everywhere – whether at a campsite, on the beach, in your own backyard or on your balcony. In addition to a dimmable white light, an LED with different color tones conjures the right mood at the push of a button. Three (L10) or six (L20) AA batteries power the Outdoor Ambiance Lanterns.

The three models in the Outdoor Ambiance series in proven VARTA quality will be available starting in October 2022 (L10 and L20) and February 2023 (L30RH). The manufacturer’s recommended retail prices are €17.99 for the Outdoor Ambiance L10, €27.99 for the Outdoor Ambiance L20 and €47.99 for the Outdoor Ambiance L30.

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