VARTA Splitcore replaces existing current sensor.

The new current sensor VARTA Splitcore is easily and quickly installed.

VARTA Splitcore replaces the existing current sensor. As opposed to the old one, the existing power cables don’t have to be unraveled to be able to push the wire through the converter. Additionally, it’s not necessary to disconnect the house anymore. This allows an extra easy and fast installation of the energy storage system. And the space-saving design allows flexible implementation, even in small domestic junction boxes.

The following graph shows the three-phase model:

VARTA Stromsensor

  1. Current sensor
  2. Connection sockets “current measurement”
  3. Splitcore

As before, the current sensor has to be installed directly behind the feed-in and reference meter to ensure optimal self-consumption. This allows the all necessary feed-in and reference figures to be monitored. The VARTA Splitcore consists of a connection socket and three splitcores. The maximum tolerance is 100 A (nominal current 50A) per phase. The scope of delivery also includes the sensor cable for an easy connection with the energy storage system. VARTA Splitcore is compatible with every VARTA Storage System and can be connected with up to 12mm size cables.

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