VARTA Link allows adjustments with increased requirements.

Whether it’s the desire for more independence from the power supplier or a higher energy demand –apartment buildings, agricultural farms or small and medium sized businesses are confronted with increased requirements over time. With energy storage systems from VARTA this is no longer a problem. The connection of up to five energy storage systems of the same type to the VARTA Link can increase the storage capacity enormously – independent of the time. To meet this need, VARTA Storage provides the opportunity to expand existing energy storage systems. In addition to the desired energy storage system of the same type only the VARTA Link and a Software Update necessary. For example the connection of five VARTA element 12s allows a maximum gross capacity of 65kWh. Of course the cascade is also possible for the initial installation. The VARTA Link serves as a current sensor and for the intra-network communication. Therefore no additional power meters are necessary. As before you’re able to see the storage data of the individual energy storage system or the whole system network as long as there is a connection with the internet via router or network switch. And because of the encoding there is no need to worry about the communication security of the network. As with our individual systems, the regulation in the network is also carried out through self-consumption optimization with no regulation at the connection to the house. The other benefits like the emergency power function for the VARTA one are working as well.     VARTA Link Kaskadierung Schematic structure of the cascade The VARTA Link is able to measure 63A per Phase and can be expanded up to 300A per Phase if necessary. To expand the VARTA Link an additional current sensor for isolated connector or copper rails ais needed. The VARTA Link and the additional current sensors have the following details:  
VARTA Link 63 Ampere
► Current detection up to 63 Ampere per phase ► Scope of delivery: VARTA Link, instructions ► VKB: 37000 719 487
VARTA Link 300 Ampere – cable connection
► Current detection up to 300 Ampere per phase ► Installation of the current sensor directly on the cable (max. Ø 27,9mm) ► Scope of delivery: VARTA Link, 3x current sensor for isolated connector, instructions ► VKB: 37000 719 489
VARTA Link 300 Ampere – copper rail connection
► Current detection up to 300 Ampere per phase ► Installation of the current sensor directly on the copper rail (max. Ø 20,0mm) ► Scope of delivery: VARTA Link, 3x current sensor for copper rail, instructions ► VKB: 37000 719 490
  If you have further questions to the cascade or to our energy storage systems please contact the technical support or your responsible sales manager. For current news please follow us on Facebook.    

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