VARTA launches latest version of its CoinPower series at Electronica and focuses on sustainability

With the fifth generation of its flagship lithium-ion rechargeable cell, VARTA provides a cutting-edge new product for future-driven innovations. At Electronica, VARTA will showcase its extensive microbattery portfolio and focus the topic of sustainability from 15th to 18th November in Munich.

CoinPower A5 Copyright: VARTA AG

At this year’s Electronica, the world’s leading trade fair and conference for electronics, VARTA has a new product on display: Its latest addition to its highly successful CoinPower range, the A5 version. But there is more: under the motto “empowering independence”, the technology company from Ellwangen will present latest trends in energy solutions and power supply. Speeches, live presentations, a special guest and a competition will add hands-on experience, insights and fun.

CoinPower has long been VARTA’s flagship product. The rechargeable lithium-ion cells feature high energy in a small format and are top choice for premium manufacturers. The cells of the A5 generation are suitable for TWS headphones and the current trend of gaming TWS Earbuds, wearables and IoT devices with high convenience for the consumer. Customer project discussions are already taking place. The production of the new cells will start at the beginning of 2023.

Michael Berger, General Manager Lithium-Ion Cells at VARTA AG says: “With the CoinPower A5, more active material in the coin cell leads to even higher energy densities and up to 15 percent more capacity compared to the previous CoinPower versions of the A-series which convinces with excellent cycle life performance. This is due to improved electrochemistry. Smallest dimensions and outstanding mechanical stability make the miniaturization of mobile devices possible.”

The premium lithium-ion cells are “made in Germany” using 100 percent renewable energy on highly automated production lines in three different variations with different materials called A-Version, C-Version and F-Version. The series is available in various form factors and sizes as well as the necessary connections in standard or customized version, optimized for design and application.

Everything from printed batteries to a broad microbattery portfolio

Printed electronics is one of the key technologies of the 21st century. As a technology leader in important areas of the battery industry, VARTA began researching and developing products in the field of printed batteries at an early stage. Currently, the company is working on an innovation project: printed batteries with ultra-thin technology. The flexible ultra-thin batteries can make a difference in various markets such as smart living, smart medicals, smart sports and logistics 4.0. Jim Lefebre, Manager Printed Batteries, will speak about why these batteries are key enablers for smart tracking devices on Thursday, 17th November, 4:25-4:34 pm, in the Forum hall B5 at Messe München.

Besides the lithium-ion technology, VARTA will exhibit its products in further various electrochemical systems, such as rechargeable nickel metal hydride button cells, primary silver oxide cells, primary lithium button cells and cylindrical lithium batteries to hydrogen gas generating cells as well as the primary VARTA alkaline INDUSTRIAL PRO batteries. They enable a wide range of applications from different fields for example Covid-19 electronic antibody tests, smart patches and smart pills for the medical sector, smart metering, security and monitoring systems, smart sensor technology and tools for a connected experience in today´s modern world.
“VARTA's microbatteries have exceptional runtime, low self-discharge, above average storage and operating life and resistance to corrosive environments. and empower a smart and high-quality life with six various battery technology types.  Microbattery products focus especially on trend medical devices and customized independent applications”, says Torsten Schmerer, General Manager Microbatteries. 

A live presentation on ensuring functionality and power supply of future developments will be held on Wednesday, 16th November, from 3 to 3:30 pm at ICM – International Congress Center Messe München.

Sustainability, a special guest and a competition

Sustainability in the electronics industry is one of the key topics of Electronica 2022. It has always been on top of VARTA’s agenda and the company is making an important contribution to a successful shift toward renewable energy. VARTA has successfully implemented measures to reduce the consumption of resources and to make the company less dependent on fossile fuels.

VARTA’s head of sustainability Tessa Quandt will share some insights on corporate sustainability with a focus on the due diligence efforts VARTA has undertaken in its supply chain at the WEEF Forum live on stage on Tuesday, 15th November, from 12:45 to 1 pm, at Forum in hall B3.

A very special event awaits visitors on Wednesday, 16th November: Maximum Performance @ VARTA booth. Meet Claudio Pizarro, the FC Bayern ambassador, from 11:00 to 11:30, for an autograph session and a virtual penalty shootout at the VARTA booth.

Finally, join VARTA´s soccer competition and take the chance to win 2x2 of the eligible VIP tickets for the official VARTA box at the Allianz Arena Munich.

More information about VARTA @ Electronica can be found at 


VARTA AG produces and markets a comprehensive battery portfolio ranging from micro batteries, household batteries, energy storage systems to customised battery solutions for a variety of applications and sets the industry standards as a technology leader in key areas. As the parent company of the Group, it is divided into the segments "Micro Batteries", "Lithium-Ion CoinPower", "Consumer Batteries", "Energy Storage Systems" and "Other".
The "Micro Batteries" segment includes micro and hearing aid batteries, "Lithium-Ion CoinPower" small-format lithium-ion round cells for OEM applications. "Consumer Batteries" represents the business with household batteries, rechargeable batteries, chargers, portable power (power banks) and lights. “Energy Storage Systems" includes energy storage solutions for primarily private, but also for commercial applications. The "Other" segment includes the "Lithium-Ion Battery Packs" and "Lithium-Ion Large Cells" business units (high-performance lithium-ion round cells for industrial applications in the automotive and non-automotive sectors).
Through intensive research and development, VARTA sets global standards in many areas of lithium-ion technology and in micro batteries, making it a recognised innovation leader in the important growth markets of lithium-ion technology and in primary hearing aid batteries. The VARTA AG Group currently employs around 4,200 people. With five production and manufacturing facilities in Europe and Asia as well as distribution centres in Asia, Europe and the USA, VARTA AG's operating subsidiaries are currently active in over 100 countries worldwide.