Full of energy to combat malnutrition: VARTA donates 45,000 euros to PLAN International


Since the beginning of 2019, the VARTA AG Group has been committed to the welfare of children and young people with the cross-border charity initiative VARTA Helps. VARTA works together with various European organizations that combat malnutrition and social inequality in developing countries. In close cooperation and with a donation of a total of 45,000 euros, VARTA has been supporting the globally active children’s aid organization PLAN International in its project “Preventing Malnutrition” in Cambodia for over a year. This successful partnership is now being extended to Peru with the project “Allin Mikuna – Nourish children healthy.”

Social, sustainable, ecological and economic activities have always played an important role throughout the more than 130-year history of the VARTA AG Group. With a total donation of 45,000 euros – which has now been officially handed over in digital form due to the current situation – the Group is supporting the children’s aid organization PLAN International in its project “Preventing Malnutrition” in Cambodia, where malnutrition, poverty and lack of education, especially among children and young people, are still frequent and widespread. “Children and families in Cambodia need every support they can get. With VARTA’s donation, we have already been able to significantly improve living conditions on site, while simultaneously promoting equal opportunities. We are very pleased to have such a committed partner at our side in VARTA,” says Maike Röttger, CEO of PLAN International. In the course of the partnership, which has been in existence for over a year, Plan International has been able to improve the hygiene situation for more than 2,770 schoolchildren by installing water systems, pumps and hand-washing stations in ten primary schools in the Stung Treng region. To raise awareness on site, hygiene and sanitation education events were organized in 29 communities, where they were attended by more than 1,000 women, men and children. In addition, parents were shown at other events how they can use simple materials to make toys for children. The parents also received training about healthy, child-oriented nutrition. Furthermore, 153 households received training and financial support for the planting of vegetable gardens: 37 families are already growing their own vegetables and, in some cases, even selling vegetables that they grew in their gardens.


“The success of the ‘Preventing Malnutrition’ project in Cambodia confirms once again how important it is to help the people who really need assistance. It makes us all the more proud that our cooperation with PLAN International in Cambodia is literally bearing fruit,” says Daniel Kronwald, Manager Trade Marketing DACH Consumer Batteries at VARTA. “We are pleased to announce that we are extending our partnership with PLAN International, which was originally planned for one and a half years. We will continue to actively support the organization’s ‘Allin Mikuna’ project in Peru.”

With “Allin Mikuna – Nourish children healthy”, PLAN International supports children and families who are impacted by malnutrition and anemia in the Peruvian province of Paucartambo. The aim is to help parents to develop sustainable, climate-adapted business ideas so they can earn a regular income. This is the only way to create a viable basis for children to be able to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

VARTA thus makes its contribution to supporting precisely those people who are most dependent on help in the long term: children – because they are our future.

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