A strong companion in the night: VARTA’s new Outdoor Sports H30R Wireless Pro

In spring 2021, VARTA released the Outdoor Sports H10 Pro and the Outdoor Sports H20 Pro, two new headlamps for active outdoor fans who continue to seek their next adventure even after the sun has set. Now VARTA presents the top model in the series: the Outdoor Sports H30R, which not only provides more power, but also offers many exclusive functions such as wireless charging. The Outdoor Sports H30R Wireless Pro will be available in stores starting at the end of July for 29.99 euros (RRP).

If you don’t want to let the darkness stop you from continuing to pursue your passion for jogging, hiking or camping, then you need one thing above all: full visibility in every situation! VARTA’s Outdoor Sports headlamps solve the problem of poor visibility in the dark. The Outdoor Sports H30R Wireless Pro is the new flagship in the series. It combines ultramodern technology, practical functions, and the outstanding wearing comfort that has delighted users of the H10 Pro and H20 Pro since their release.

Like the other headlamps in the series, the Outdoor Sports H30R Wireless Pro impresses its users with VARTA’s modern and simple design on its head and strap, along with its ability to blithely survive a drop test from a height of two meters. The word “wireless” in the new flagship’s name refers to the charging process: instead of the three AAA batteries that power the H10 Pro and H20 Pro, the H30R Wireless Pro relies on a permanently installed lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 1,800 mAh. The scope of delivery includes a charging station that is colored black to match the headlamp. Simply place the H30R Wireless Pro on its charging station and its battery recharges wirelessly. When this top model in the Outdoor Sports series needs recharging, a little LED below the lenses lights up to alert the user.

The H30R Wireless Pro has earned IPX7 certification, which means it won’t go out even if it is briefly immersed in water or caught in a heavy rain shower. Like the Outdoor Sports H20R, this top model has three dimmable light modes as well as a red-light mode for better visibility in total darkness. When it comes to luminosity, the H30R Wireless Pro plays in a league of its own – because this headlamp can provide 400 lumens of light output at a distance of up to 45 meters. The swiveling head guarantees optimal illumination. When you return home after an excursion, the H30R won’t get lost among your other outdoor equipment while it waits for its next mission. Thanks to its practical charging station, the headlamp stays right where it belongs and is always ready at hand, even in the hectic moments immediately before you depart to start your next adventure. And thanks to its fully charged battery, this premium headlamp is instantly ready for use. In combination with a VARTA power bank, which is likewise a must in any well-equipped hiking pack, the headlamp can also be easily and above all safely recharged during longer stays in the mountains or forests.

The H30R Wireless Pro rounds out VARTA’s assortment of outdoor sports headlamps. With the H10, the series offers the ideal entry-level model for sports enthusiasts who love to be active in the fresh air and are looking for an uncomplicated first contact with headlamps. Advanced climbers, hikers or campers will appreciate the Outdoor Sport H20, which offers a much wider range of functions for all situations. And nature lovers with a penchant for technical features will be particularly enthusiastic about the H30R: the main features of this top model in the series are greater performance, a powerful and permanently installed rechargeable battery, a matching charging station, and sleekly simple styling. The Outdoor Sports H30R Wireless Pro will be available starting at the end of July for 29.99 euros (RRP).

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