A lot of power in a tiny space: CoinPower ensures durability for wearables and hearables

VARTA Microbattery at the Wearable Technologies Conference in San Francisco

Nowadays, no-one needs a key to open or start a modern car. That’s the task of miniature computers, which are designed by car manufacturers to perform an increasing number of functions. These smart keys can do quite a lot more. For example, they provide information about the oil level, the distance that can still be travelled, the filling level of the petrol tank, the status of the doors and windows and the control of the fully automated parking and manoeuvring. In order to be able to complete all of these tasks smoothly, rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries with a high energy density and capacity are required, which also need to be very robust and reliable at the same time. On 9 and 10 July 2019, VARTA Microbattery will be presenting its range of rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries for wearables and hearables at the Wearable Technologies Conference in San Francisco, which is being organised as part of the SEMICON West event.

The provision of energy in a tiny space is playing a growing role in an increasing number of aspects of modern mobility and health. As well as cars, this is also the case with hearables, which are worn on or in the ear. They not only facilitate hearing, but also offer a wide range of other functions, such as listening to music, hands-free telephony, voice amplification or simultaneous translation. As well as classic hearing aids, hearables include over-ear headphones and wireless telephony earbuds.

From hearables and step counters in shoes to fitness trackers with vital data measurements, these devices are always only as good as their energy supply. Standards are high, as they need to be reliable and durable. This is where the CoinPower button cells from VARTA Microbattery often come in use for wearables, with their small size, high energy density and extraordinary mechanical stability. Short charging times, a high degree of reliability and a robust structure round off their profile. The smallest models, the CP 7840 and CP 9440, are just four millimetres thick and have been developed with headphones, fitness wristbands and smart keys in mind. However, they are also being increasingly used in medical equipment.

The form and high energy density of the CoinPower series makes these microbatteries the ideal solution for wearables and medical devices. They have an energy density that is up to 30 percent higher than comparable batteries available on the market. Miniaturisation is making constant progress, as Philipp Miehlich, General Manager OEM at VARTA Microbattery GmbH, explains: “In this segment, we have developed unique competitive advantages and are benefiting from the shift in technology away from cylindrical battery cells to coin format batteries. We have been supporting this change in technology for wireless headphones with our leading technology, and are setting the standards in the industry in this area with our stream of new innovations.” The CoinPower series will be produced using fully automated processes in one of the most state of the art European production sites in Ellwangen.

On 9 July at 2.15 pm, in Room 24, Philipp Miehlich, General Manager at VARTA Microbattery, will give a presentation on “The Latest Generation of Rechargeable Microbatteries” as part of the “Enabling Tech – The Big Picture” session.

A video just recently produced by VARTA Microbattery tells you all you need to know about the wide range of uses of the CoinPower series here.


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A CoinPower cell in use in wireless earbuds for telephoning.

Source: VARTA Microbattery GmbH

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