VARTA Storage Appoints Two Wholesalers to Market Its Energy Storage Products.

AC Solar Warehouse and Middy’s will sell VARTA Storage’s VARTA pulse energy storage solutions.


VARTA Storage has signed two wholesalers to support the sales of their VARTA pulse energy storage solutions in Australia. AC Solar Warehouse and Middy’s will be distributing the VARTA Storage products to certified installers. AC Solar Warehouse, a leading solar and energy storage business, will sell the VARTA pulse energy storage system to solar retailers and installers, whereas Middy’s is a leading electrical wholesaler in Australia. Middy’s TechEnergy division will support and service the small to large electrical contractor channel. Both distributors have exclusivity for their respective channels in Australia.


“With AC Solar Warehouse and Middy’s we have signed the top distributors in their particular segments. We will be conducting joint marketing efforts, so that the Australian market knows that our VARTA pulse solutions have hit the country and can be sourced from these two companies. However, installers need to be certified by VARTA before they can sell our products and install them in their customer’s homes’, said Roman Jordan, Head of Sales RES, VARTA Storage GmbH.


VARTA Storage systems may only be installed by ‘VARTA Certified Installers’. This way, all parties involved can ensure that customers receive the best possible technical and product support. Moreover, the required certification also ensures that the installation complies with Australian regulations for energy storage products. Both, Middy’s as well as AC Solar Warehouse will offer training for their customers, so they can become VARTA Certified Installers.


The VARTA pulse is a fully integrated system, which is uniquely suitable to the Australian market. These ‘plug and play’ solutions are compact and easy to install. The devices provide high-density energy storage and are available in two sizes, providing 3.3 kWh or 6.5 kWh of energy storage. These products will be available to installers via AC Solar Warehouse and Middy’s.


“VARTA has a long history of providing top-quality solutions, hence, we are happy that they have selected us as their distribution partner for their energy storage solutions. The VARTA pulse solutions are perfectly fitted to the Australian solar market and its requirements. We partner with our customers to find the perfect solution for their requirements and the VARTA pulse energy storage product fits perfectly into our portfolio,” said David Smyth, Director, AC Solar Warehouse.


“We are thrilled to be working with VARTA Storage to help Australians manage electricity costs with energy storage. The VARTA pulse is high quality German made home energy storage system that is widely used throughout Europe. It is a compact all-in-one energy storage system that will work on any Australian home with any type of solar system. VARTA pulse will allow home owners to store any excess solar energy they would otherwise feed back to the grid. The home owner can use the stored solar energy at night rather than purchasing electricity from the utility,” said Darren Bowler, National Manager TechEnergy, Middy’s.


The comprehensive VARTA Storage training can be completed here.




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