VARTA AG Annual General Meeting resolves first-ever dividend payment worth € 2.48 per share

The Annual General Meeting of VARTA AG has resolved the first dividend payment in the Company’s history. The dividend will amount to around € 100m, which equates to € 2.48 per share. Shareholders have therefore approved the proposal submitted by the Executive Board and Supervisory Board. Long-standing Supervisory Board members Frank Dieter Maier and Dr. Georg Blumauer will be stepping down from their roles, with Martin Ohneberg (93.3%) and Prof. Dr. Werner Tillmetz (95.0%) accordingly elected as their successors. The other members of the Supervisory Board, namely DDr. Michael Tojner, Sven Quandt, Dr. Harald Sommerer and Dr. Michael Pistauer, were re-elected for the next term of office.

The Annual General Meeting expressed its confidence in the Executive Board and Supervisory Board for fiscal year 2020 with a large majority and approved all items on the agenda, including the resolution on the approval of the remuneration system for members of the Executive Board, with a share of the vote of at least 89,0%. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Annual General Meeting took place as a virtual event, as was the case last year too, which shareholders were able to follow online. In the voting, around 26.1 million shares were represented, equating to a share of 64.7% of the share capital.

Dividend payments are a new phenomenon for the Ellwangen-based technology company. Further increased profitability and a low debt level have allowed VARTA AG to pay shareholders a dividend this year as well as, at the same time, making further large-scale investments in the Company’s lithium-ion business.  In this respect, a new lithium-ion battery factory is soon to be opened at the Nördlingen site, where in future the Company will have a total of 60,000 square meters of production space at its disposal. The pilot production line for new, large-format V4Drive rounded lithium-ion cells is set to go into operation on schedule at the end of this year. These ultra-high-performance cells are the subject of huge customer interest in the areas of Home&Garden and Automotive in particular.

Detailed information on voting records related to individual agenda items at the Annual General Meeting has been published at:


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VARTA AG 生产和销售全面的电池产品组合,从微型电池、家用电池、储能系统到客户定制的电池解决方案,应用领域广泛,并作为技术领导者,在关键领域数量了行业标准。作为集团母公司,它有“微型电池和解决方案”和“家用电池”两个业务部门。

“微型电池和解决方案”部门侧重于微型电池的 OEM 业务以及锂离子电池组业务。通过深入研发,VARTA 在微型电池领域树立了全球标准,并在锂离子技术和助听器一次性电池等重要的增长市场中成为公认的创新领导者。“家用电池”业务部门涉及面向终端消费者的电池业务,包括家用电池、充电电池、充电器、便携式电源(移动电源)、照明以及储能设备。VARTA AG 集团目前拥有约 4,000 名员工。VARTA AG 在欧洲和亚洲拥有五家生产和制造工厂,并在亚洲、欧洲和美国设有分销中心。目前,VARTA AG 运营的子公司活跃于全球超过 75 个国家。