At eye level with darkness – VARTA’s new Outdoor Sports Head Lights

Many people are discovering that the best way to refresh themselves from the stress and strain of daily life is to spend time alone in nature. After dark, a head light provides the necessary orientation for jogging, walking in the woods or camping. With the new series of Outdoor Sports Head Lights, VARTA debuts two head lights that are perfectly designed for outdoor use. The Outdoor Sports H10 Pro sells for 11.99 euros (RRP) and the Outdoor Sports H20 Pro for 15.99 euros (RRP). Both models are now available in stores.

Whether it’s a short jog after work, a long climb on the weekend or a camping trip in the springtime, a clear view of the surroundings is indispensable whenever twilight fades into darkness. What’s needed most is a light that leaves both hands free and shines its light in the same direction as its wearer’s gaze. With the new Outdoor Sports H10 Pro and H20 Pro, VARTA has now augmented its product portfolio with two newly developed head lights that will delight every jogger and everyone who loves outdoor activities.

The Outdoor Sports H20 Pro – for even higher performance




Anyone who is looking for a high-performance head light will find precisely what they need in the new Outdoor Sports H20 Pro. It easily survives a fall from a height of two meters and is protected against splash water in accordance with the IPX4 standard. Three AAA batteries provide power for the Outdoor Sports H20 Pro’s trio of lighting elements. The middle LED shines a tightly focused cone of light in Spot mode. The LED on the right-hand side radiates a broader beam of light in Flood mode to illuminate a wider area. Both modes can be activated at the push of a button for separate or combined operation and dimming. Thanks to the light’s swiveling head, the light cone can be optimally adjusted to suit the situation and the desired use. The Outdoor Sports H20 Pro delivers impressively convincing performance: up to 200 lumens of light output, a beam range of up to 50 meters and a runtime of up to 52 hours enable this head light to cope with any challenge. The third LED on the left-hand side of the Outdoor Sports H20 Pro shines a red light at the push of a button (double-click). This feature is especially useful at night, when dark-adapted eyes need to see objects without being dazzled by bright white light. Another practical feature: the red LED also alerts users that the battery level is low so they won’t suddenly find themselves (or lose themselves!) in the dark.

The Outdoor Sports H10 Pro – robust and convenient




The Outdoor Sports H10 Pro is the entry-level model in VARTA’s new Head Light series. This head light’s gray and turquoise housing boasts simple yet sporty styling. Inside, an LED with a light output of up to 100 lumens reliably performs its duties thanks to the power of three AAA batteries and illuminates the path up to 45 meters ahead. This model has the same robust attributes, including protection against splash water according to IPX4, as the H20 Pro model. Efficiently low energy consumption enables the LED of the Outdoor Sports H10 Pro to achieve a total runtime of up to 35 hours.

Depending on the ambient lighting conditions, this head light’s brightness can be adjusted to either the “High” or “Low” level. The light’s head can also be individually adjusted and swiveled downward so the wearer always has everything in view. The elastic, adjustable and washable head strap assures perfect hold and optimal wearing comfort.

The new Outdoor Sports Head Light Pro series is the ideal light source for active outdoor enthusiasts. Depending on the desired features, the right model is available for every user. Both head lights are equally impressive thanks to their distinctive and exclusive VARTA product design. Both lights are shock proof and can survive a fall from a height of two meters. The Outdoor Sports Head Lights Pro are available in stores now for an RRP of 11.99 euros (H10 Pro) and 15.99 euros (H20 Pro).

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